How do you collect your data?

"If you currently deploy a truck with staff and expensive equipment to your locations every week, just to take a single reading, wouldn't it be better to get a measurement every few seconds, all the time?" is Little Sensors, Big Data. Round-the-clock gas level monitoring, using the latest "Internet of Things" technologies.

Small Sensors

We are building to work with small, inexpensive sensors that can be deployed to the field and left on site. We are leveraging the latest chip technologies to let us build the largest data network possible.

Big Data

Where other systems collect as little as a single data point, can be configured to report a reading every few seconds, all day, every day. collects this data and presents it in a way that lets you quickly spot trends and make informed decisions in a way that was never possible before.


More data, presented well.
Searchable, actionable, insightful data that is easy to understand at a glance, from all of your devices, anywhere in the world.

Chart Live Data

The chart below contains a very small set of sample data, measured by one of our sensors in a test. A 1/2" gas heater valve was left open for 20 seconds. Moments later, a ceiling-mounted sensor, ~15 feet away, registered the leak and triggered a network alarm, before any gas smell was apparent.

Drag your mouse across the chart to zoom in. Hover over the data points for more information.